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It is a common knowledge that research is one of the core components of university functions.  Thus, researches to be undertaken in Mattu University are required to promote scientific findings, provide scientific bases for the teaching and learning process, transform societies, and advance human lives. Furthermore, it is crystal clear that any university has to invest its resources in research areas that are proven to be of particular relevance to the social and economic development of the nation.  

In this regard, to make Mattu University’s Mission and vision attainable, several problem alleviating researches were undertaken pertaining to the thematic areas identified through needs analysis. However, undertaking research is not an end itself unless findings of the studies are disseminated continuously via varied modes of communication. Concerning this, Mattu University has done to its level best in organizing research conferences, symposiums and seminars since its inception. Moreover, though “Publish or perish” is the common discourse in the university elsewhere in the world, Mattu university has established its own journal which is called “EJAS Journal of Science and Technology (EJAS-ST),” to join scientific communities and skyrocket in a short period of time. To begin with the office structure, the directorate has the following duties and responsibilities.

Message From the Director:

It is my pleasure to address all of you as a director of research publication, dissemination and documentation directorate. Proper documentation of research outputs, teaching materials and policy briefs is a good indicator of the performance of universities in research and publication. Therefore, research publication, dissemination and documentation Directorate was established as a directorate at Mattu University in 2020 G.C. to improve the documentation and dissemination process of research outputs and teaching materials so that the end users would have better access. The target of the directorate is to expand the research dissemination coverage and distribution in terms of type and quantity. Its purpose is to launch an emerging journal for a university; organize seminars, workshop and research conference; and publish a research output on different reputable journal. 

The main activities of the office are:

  • Launching and strengthening the university’s journal
  • Establishing and controlling the University's Research Repository System
  • Publication of research conference proceedings
  • Organizing seminars, workshops and symposiums at a college level
  • Preparing national and international research conferences
  • Facilitating publishment of research outputs on various reputable national and international journals
  • Organizing and facilitating presentation of research results at various research conferences

Till now several journal articles, book of abstracts, and conference proceedings were published arising from Mattu University staff researches. 

I want to express my gratitude to all academic and research staffs who disseminated their research findings on different journals and research conferences. 

I encourage you all to continue publishing your research findings and promote our journal. Thank you again!


Dr. Tadele Mamo

Director for Research Publication, Dissemination and Documentation Directorate


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