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Community Engagement and consultancy Service Directorate Office
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Mattu University was established among 3rd generation public institutions of higher education in Ethiopia with primary intention to bring quality education, undertake problem solving research and multi-dimensional services to the communities. Community service encompasses the wide range of educational, cultural, economic, environmental, scientific, social and other activities that involve interaction with individuals, groups and organizations. Mattu University recognizes community service as a key area of activity so as to share a high level of expertise with the community as an intellectual leader within a national and international context and stimulating and contributing to debate on educational, cultural, economic, environmental, legal and social issues. As a central philosophy of meeting societal expectations and needs from its higher educational trainings consistent, planned and well-integrated community-based education is becoming top urgent issue in higher teaching-learning institutions in the course of addressing educational social, economic, ecological and environmental problems of communities. The Ethiopian government has given due attention to enhance teaching-learning, research and community engagement in higher education institutions in compliance with existing policies and strategies. As one of higher public university in the country, MaU has a mission of offering relevant, efficient and quality education and training; conducting demand driven research and rendering efficient, effective and responsive community services. The legal provisions of this mandate are clearly stipulated in Higher Education Proclamation No. 1152/2019 (i. e. design and provide community and consultancy services that shall cater to the developmental needs of the country). Taking into account the significance of community service, MaU has established the office of VPRCSC, Community Service directorate, deputy deans for research and Community Service at College levels. Community engagement Directorate, one of the Directorates under the Vice President for Research and Community Services, is engaged to coordinate and supervise the provision of quality training, consultancy services, and demand-driven development work projects.

Mattu University Community Engagement office mainly focuses on the following activities.

·       Community Engagement Service

·       Consultancy Service

·       Training Service

·       Outreach Program

·       Community service project work



 The Directorate committed to provide need-based community services to foster social, cultural and economic development of the country. 


Mattu University aspires to be among the top ten societal problem-solving Universities in Ethiopia by 2030G.C. 


The general objective of this community service is to assist the community via capacity building, livelihood improvement, establishing/enhancing collaboration and linkages with stakeholders/partners working on natural resource conservation, indigenous knowledge education, health, social, culture and other activities.

Specifically, the community service, engagement and consultancy shall be able to:

  • Assist the community via training and consultancy,
  • Improve livelihood of community through the development of outreach projects, 
  • Establish/enhance collaboration and linkages with stakeholders/partners 
  • Work on natural resource and indigenous or traditional knowledge.

Duties and Responsibilities of Community Service and Engagement Directorate: 

  • Over look over all community services undertaken at the University and departments/ schools/Research centre/colleges/institute/ Campus level; 
  • Initiate need assessment periodically; 
  • Plan overall activities of community services; 
  • Guiding community services; Develop procedures, formats and different guidelines when the need raises; 
  • Ensuring that uniform and transparent procedures are followed across colleges and departments in the process of carrying out community services; 
  • Avail necessary resources and inputs if the volunteer services are requested by the University staffs and students; 
  • Monitoring and evaluating community services;


Community Services Thematic Area Identification and Priority Setting 

Community service endeavour in MaU shall not be made by intuition or common sense rather it bases itself on the result of selected research outputs or requested by the community. The university shall identify the needs of the stakeholders periodically. Accordingly, the identified Community Service Directorate Thematic Areas include: 

 1.    Health Sciences

  • Maternal, child and reproductive health
  • Diarrheal diseases, neglected and tropical infections disease 
  • Drug use and integration of traditional and modern medicines
  • Nutrition and food security
  • Mental disorders, substance use disorders, addiction and epilepsy 
  • Communicable and non-communicable disease 
  • Health information system applications

2.    Agricultural Sciences 

  • Agricultural production, productivity and postharvest handling 
  • Sustainable Natural resource Management
  • Empowering gender in nutrition sensitive Agriculture
  • Urban Agriculture and forestry
  • Organic farming and municipal waste management 
  • Fishery, aquaculture, livestock production and Management 

3.    Natural Sciences 

  • Biodiversity, fishery and aquaculture 
  • Sport Science in Community and its application 
  • Statistical tools and its application 
  • Environmental change and toxicology 
  • Space Science and Nuclear radiation 

4.    Engineering and Technology 

  • Construction contract administration, optimization of construction materials and methods
  • Industrial automation and Energy 
  • Design, construction and maintenance of buildings, hydraulic structures and road 
  • Sustainable energy, agricultural machinery and industrial equipment design 
  • Disposal and treatment of hazardous chemicals and environmental protection 
  • Web development, computer applications and networking, Artificial Intelligence,

5.    Social Sciences 

  • Natural resource management & Climate change 
  • Sociological views and youth behaviour
  • Language related issues 
  • Good governance & human rights 
  • Culture and tourism 
  • Gender issues 

6.    Business and Economics 

  • Information system, data base development and knowledge management 
  • Marketing, Entrepreneurship and enterprises development 
  • Leadership and good governance 
  • Tax collection system and administration
  • Book keeping and saving 

7.    Law 

  • Legal and para-legal services 
  • Laws and justice 
  • Prisoners’ related issues
  • Human Rights of vulnerable persons 

8.    Education and Behavioural Sciences 

  • Quality Education and education related issues 
  • Special Needs and Cross-cutting issues 
  • Pedagogy and andragogy 

Eshetu Chilo Feyisa

Community service and consultancy director


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