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Mattu University Collaborates with Professor Adrian Wood from University of Huddersfield, England News Image
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 Posted On: Feb 13, 2024


In an important meeting led by Acting President Dr. Bedilu Teka, Mattu University outlined its vision for working closely with Professor Adrian Wood in the conservation and management of natural resources. Professor Wood, an experienced researcher in Geographical Sciences with a deep commitment to African development and environmental studies, including the southwestern part of Ethiopia, actively participated in the discussions.

 Professor Wood shared insights from his extensive four-decade research background, particularly focusing on Wetland conservation and sustainable Forestry management, especially in Ilubabor, Ethiopia. The goal is to form partnerships between Mattu University and various NGOs to advance research in these crucial areas.

 Dr. Bedilu shed light on Mattu University's strategic location within a natural resources hotspot. The university aims to excel in modern agriculture and sustainable natural resource management. He emphasized the institution's young, dynamic, and energetic researchers, ready for collaboration with both national and international NGOs.

 Assistant Professor John Marks reiterated the university's commitment, assuring attendees of readiness to support scientific studies in natural resource management.

 The meeting focused on discussions between Professor Wood and experts from the School of Agriculture and Natural Resource Management at Mattu University. The topics included potential collaborations, avenues for securing research grants, and partnerships with different international NGOs and the University of Huddersfield, UK.

 Expressing gratitude for the vibrant exchange of ideas, Professor Adrian Wood committed to leveraging his expertise to facilitate future collaborations with NGOs within the university. As a tangible expression of commitment, Professor Wood concluded the meeting with a visit to Mattu University's agricultural nursery sites, underscoring the shared dedication to sustainable practices and collaborative initiatives in natural resource management.


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