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Ethics Monitoring Executive

Mattu University Ethics and Anti–corruption Directorate was established based on Proclamation No 144/2000 of the council of Ministers of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia with overall duty of coordinating ethical issues and advising the president on such matters.  


  • Endeavour to create employees of the university who don't condone corruption by promoting ethics and anti-corruption education, work discipline, professional ethics and sense of duty among employees.
  • Prevent corruption and impropriety in the university.
  • Endeavour to investigated and exposed causes that led to act of corruption and impropriety, and take appropriate actions against the perpetrators.


  • By 2022 E. C, building a better ethics to be at the fore front of Mattu University by upholding integrity, rejecting, preventing & free from Corruption.


To ensure transparency and accountability by developing ethical competence, Promoting Continuous Action (task) oriented anti- corruption education, permanently eliminating the threat of corruption in Mattu University.


  • Responsibility and punctuality
  • Integrity /Working together/ Team spirit/
  • Excellence /To be ready for further change/
  • Dependability /Being a person of action/


In accordance with the authority given by Decree 1236/2013, to prevent corruption and malpractice in Mattu University, to create a well-informed workforce, to advise the managers, to provide appropriate supervision and support. So that activities are carried out with transparency and accountability in accordance with the law.

Duty and responsibility

  • The Directorate recognizes and commits itself toward the pursuit of the vision, mission and value   of the university & FEAC. The following are duty and responsibility of  Our directorate ;
  • Conduct continuous awareness raising activities in University ethics and good governance issues; through different ways
  • Engage all the university’s community in the fight against violation of ethics and corruption;
  • Build a university environment free of all kinds of malpractices;
  • Carry out scientific investigations of the corruption symptoms and rent seeking tendencies in all campuses of the university.
  • Take corrective measures on committed corruption and/or unethical behaviours based on evidence.
  • To be present anti-corruption education in all departments with work ethics, respecting government working hours, providing customer service and being a good person;
  • Making an effort to create an active worker who cannot bear corruption by educating the worker through anti-corruption lessons, work-discipline, professional ethics, public service and responsibility;
  • Prevention of corruption and malpractices in the university;
  • Making an effort to expose, investigate and take appropriate action against the perpetrators of corruption and malpractices in the university;
  • Establishing urgent anti-corruption work and operational research work;
  • Accepting and investigating complaints at all levels via online, email, physically and etc. 
  • Raise the awareness of staff of the university on anti-corruption policies, anti-corruption laws, good conduct and harmful effects of corruption to uphold the university’s integrity.
  • Follow up the observance of directives, manuals, procedures and anti-corruption laws of the university and advise the head of the university on their implementation periodically.
  • In cooperation with the appropriate institutes, centres, directorates and departments of the university , prepare and cause the adoption and amendment of the Code of Conduct of officers and employees of the university  and follow-up its implementation.
  • In consultation with the president of the university or on its own, conduct research on ways of correcting working methods vulnerable to corruption and impropriety in the university and submit recommendations to the university president, upon approval, follow up its implementation.
  • Record and report the incident of corruption to the president Office and Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption commission upon observation or when brought to its attention through whistle blowing and follow up the status of the case; and solve and
  • Follow-up grievances brought to the directorate related to service delivery through customers of the university.


The office is directly accountable to Office the President  in the university & for Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission.

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Girma Ayele

Ethics Monitoring Executive Officer


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