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Audit Executive

Since the establishment of Mattu University in 2011, it has been carrying out educational training programs for Metu city and its surroundings, as well as identifying and solving various local problems. Therefore, in order to achieve this educational program, the budget approved by the government should be used for the intended purpose in accordance with the laws and guidelines issued, and by checking the risk or vulnerability, an effective work can be done that will create additional value or benefit for the office.  Internal audit contributes to the success of the university’s objectives by providing priority advisory services to the management. 

According to the new structure approved in 2022, the internal audit of Mattu University has 4 financial audit team Leaders in the main campus and one team leader and two audit experts in Bedele Campus under the executive in 9 professions. .


By providing international standard quality and relevant education and training, by producing citizens with knowledge, skills and good ethics, and by instilling modern knowledge, skills and technology in the society, conducting research and research that will significantly contribute to the development of the region and the country.


The aim of our university is to make it a competitive and preferred research center at the national level by providing quality and socially relevant education, producing qualified professionals and researchers, conducting research and studies.


The purpose of internal audit is to ensure that the management and staff of the university are able to carry out their responsibilities effectively by verifying that the work is carried out in accordance with the established internal control system and the existing laws and operating systems. The method by which effective work can be done is to contribute to the achievement of the university's goals by providing counseling services to the management.


  • Freedom to seek the truth and express the truth;
  • Popularity based on mission success;
  • Academic competitiveness and collaborative relationships;
  • Institutional independence with accountability;
  • Participatory governance and rule of law;
  • Justice and fairness;
  • A culture of fighting corruption;
  • Providing service that combines quality and efficiency
  • Prudent use of resources and efficient maintenance of property

Planning goals

By strengthening the university's internal control system, the government's budget and assets are made to work in an economical, effective and efficient manner, so that there is a fair distribution system for the citizens.

The main functions of internal audit

  • By evaluating the internal control system and checking risk exposure, providing advice to the management on how to create an effective work that creates added value or benefit to the institution;
  • To ensure that the management and employees of the institution are able to fulfill their responsibilities efficiently, to ensure that the work is carried out according to the established internal control system and the laws and operating systems;
  • Assessing whether the institution's operational audit activities are carried out in an economic, efficient and effective manner, to help the institution improve its administrative work and ensure that it has an efficient internal control system;
  • To ensure that the budget approved by the government for the institution is spent for the intended purpose in accordance with the laws and guidelines issued;
  • Ensuring that the government's financial management, procurement and asset management are carried out in accordance with the laws, regulations and guidelines;
  • Ensuring compliance with government property management decrees, laws, regulations and guidelines.
  • Monitoring the taking of corrective actions on the findings presented by internal and external auditors.
  • Solving our problems by studying the problems encountered in financial management, asset use and accounting operations and preparing a quality control method for the sector;
  • By making the necessary corrections to the work done out of the rules, preparing a program on the issues that the audit will focus on and cooperating with the external auditors.

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Mr. Leul Tafese

Internal Audit Chief Executive

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