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Garage and Transport Service

Vehicle Garage Distribution and Transport Service Executive

Mattu University, since its establishment in 2011, has been committed to providing employment and educational opportunities while facilitating the teaching and learning process. The Vehicle Garage Distribution and Transport Service Executive, established in February 2024 in alignment with new governmental directives, stands as an independent department within the university structure. Comprising a distribution team leader and a garage team leader, along with numerous dedicated employees, this department is dedicated to enhancing the efficiency and reliability of transportation services across the institution.

Mission: To position Mattu University as a leading provider of community-serving transportation services, ensuring excellence and reliability.








Purpose: Our purpose is to ensure vehicle safety, provide efficient transportation services, and optimize asset utilization through diligent maintenance and repair of university vehicles.

Plan: Success hinges on effective coordination and cooperation among all stakeholders. Thus, our executive plan emphasizes fostering positive relationships and collaboration with management, users, and stakeholders at all levels. Rigorous monitoring and evaluation, coupled with a robust feedback mechanism, will drive continuous improvement and performance assessment. Our aim is to establish an efficient and effective system, positioning our department as a leader within the university.

Main Functions:

Ø  Execute and oversee the deployment of office vehicles, including:

Ø  Coordinating drivers and evaluating their performance

Ø  Processing vehicle requests and allocating them appropriately

Ø  Ensuring vehicles are used solely for official purposes

Ø  Managing transportation logistics for fieldwork, including fuel and expenses

Ø  Supervising vehicle maintenance and service provision

Ø  Maintaining comprehensive vehicle records

Ensure vehicle safety by:

Ø  Monitoring driver behavior and vehicle handling

Ø  Promptly reporting accidents and coordinating insurance claims

Ø  Conducting timely annual technical inspections

Ø  Supervising vehicle repairs and maintenance

Through our commitment to efficiency, reliability, and service excellence, we strive to fulfill the transportation needs of Metu University and contribute to its overarching mission of community service and academic excellence.


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Mr. Bahiru Ayana

Transport, Vehicles and Garage Chief Executive

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