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General Service Executive

Message of General Service Chief Executive

As the newly appointed General Service Executive, I am excited to lead our department independently, focusing on providing comprehensive services to our university community. Our mission is aligned with the institution's vision, and we are dedicated to achieving our goals through careful planning and diligent execution.


The General Service Department at Mattu University is committed to providing comprehensive maintenance services tailored to the institution's needs. We strive to maintain the beauty and cleanliness of our campus environment, ensuring that it remains attractive and inviting for all members of our community.

Our focus extends to both indoor and outdoor spaces, including offices, residences, classrooms, and campus grounds. We prioritize prompt and efficient service delivery to enhance customer satisfaction and support the smooth functioning of our academic and administrative activities.

By consistently delivering high-quality maintenance services and preserving the aesthetic appeal of our campus, we aim to create a positive and conducive learning and working environment for everyone at Mattu University


Our vision is to excel in providing comprehensive maintenance services while upholding the beauty and cleanliness of our university's facilities. We are dedicated to achieving the institution's overarching vision by efficiently organizing and maintaining housing and classrooms, thus facilitating optimal teaching and learning environments.


Our main objectives include:

Providing Complete Services: We are committed to delivering essential services such as cleaning, maintenance, and repair to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all members of our community.

Modernizing Facilities: We aim to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of our campus by modernizing the layout of offices, residences, and classrooms. This includes implementing innovative solutions to improve efficiency and convenience.

Striving for Excellence:  Our ultimate goal is to bring about positive change and tangible results. We are proactive in our approach, constantly seeking ways to make our campus more beautiful, attractive, and conducive to learning and working.

By prioritizing these initiatives and working closely with our team, stakeholders, and the university community, we will make significant strides towards realizing our vision and enhancing the overall experience for everyone at our institution.

The General Service Department at Mettu University plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning and upkeep of campus facilities. Established in 2003, it initially operated in conjunction with the Property Management Service. However, recognizing the need for independent operation, the department underwent restructuring in 2016.

The department is tasked with leading and coordinating general service work, overseeing cleaning and beautification efforts, providing photocopying and duplicating services, and managing offices, residences, and classrooms. Its primary function is to ensure the proper maintenance of the university campus.

With the motto "creating a society that is proud to serve," the department is led by heads of general service and goal beauty and park works, along with several staff members dedicated to various tasks. These include electronic equipment repair technicians, general maintenance workers, photocopiers, office organizers, cleaners, gardeners, and supervisors.

The department's focus is on enhancing customer satisfaction, supporting the university's teaching and learning processes, and maintaining a conducive environment for all members of the university community. Through their dedicated efforts, they contribute to the overall success and reputation of Mattu University.

Our goals include:

Complete Maintenance Service: We aim to offer a full spectrum of maintenance services that meet the diverse needs of our institution. This includes ensuring the functionality, safety, and aesthetics of our facilities.

Preserving Beauty and Cleanliness: We are committed to preserving the beauty and cleanliness of our campus environment, creating a welcoming atmosphere conducive to academic and administrative pursuits.

Achieving Institutional Vision: By effectively organizing housing and classrooms, we contribute to the realization of the institution's vision. Our efforts support the seamless delivery of teaching and learning services, fostering an environment where academic excellence thrives.

Through strategic planning, efficient execution, and a dedication to excellence, we strive to be leaders in providing maintenance services that uphold the standards of our esteemed institution and contribute to its overall success.

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Mr. Tesfaye Daba

General Service Executive Officer

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