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Coordinator for Practical Education and Laboratory

The Practical Education and Laboratory Coordination Office at Mattu University is dedicated to establishing and managing well-organized laboratories with state-of-the-art management systems to provide high-quality practical services by 2030. Here's a breakdown:


The mission of the Practical Education and Laboratory Coordination Office is to establish functioning and well-managed laboratories that deliver high-quality practical services, supporting teaching-learning and research while producing graduates with practical skills. This underscores the office's commitment to practical education and skill development.


The vision is to become a nationally recognized state-of-the-art laboratory known for providing high-quality lab services and producing qualified graduates in practical activities. This highlights the aspiration for excellence and leadership in practical education and laboratory services.


The office primarily focuses on general laboratory management processes, including providing infrastructure, maintaining machinery and equipment, organizing inventory processes following the kaizen philosophy, preparing laboratory manuals and safety procedures, and undertaking other necessary activities to support practical education and research.

Current Infrastructure

Mattu University currently boasts more than 30 chemical/physical laboratories, including workshops, and over 25 computer laboratories. These laboratories are authorized by their respective colleges or departments and the Practical Education and Laboratory Coordination Office. They cater to BSc/MSc students, internal and external researchers, and external customers, including governmental and non-governmental organizations, showcasing the breadth of services and outreach.

Practical Services: 

The laboratories at Mattu University are capable of delivering practical-oriented courses aligned with the curriculum, enhancing the quality of education. Additionally, they offer various training opportunities, both internal and external, to build and improve practical capacity, contributing to skill development and competence building among students and professionals.

Overall, the Practical Education and Laboratory Coordination Office plays a pivotal role in ensuring the quality and functionality of laboratories at Mattu University, aligning with the university's mission to provide high-quality education and foster research excellence.


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